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New MGSV Trailer to be revealed at E3

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GF left me /v/

What are some "heartbreak" games or games with a general bleak atmosphere, something that you could wallow in self-pity for a week or so.

>Pic somewhat related
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Dishonored comments.

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In general this is a nice game isn't it?
A little bit short, it could've been longer. But it was entretaining
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Hotline Miami 2 Final Mission

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Why are we not talking about this?
This scene alone made the game GOAT for me, let alone the other amazing scenes that came before.
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What E3 announcement would make you lose your shit?
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When will it be obvious that Wii U has won this generation?
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Refunds are killing indie developers

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Is it? Could it be?
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Let's compose the soundtrack for GTA VI:ce City
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