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Eternal /trb/

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Old Bread >>59481524

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Brazil vs. Honduras friendly

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Today is Brazil vs Honduras, for Brazils preparation for the Copa America, 10 wins. With 11 coming up now, I strongly believe Brazil will take it all.

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/wwe/ General #1172 - THE FUTURE IS NOW

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ARE YOU HYPE?????????????
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Game 4.

Blackhawks up 1-0. Just about halfway through the second period.
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>0 (zero) world cups

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Is there anything you can do to hurt my feelings?

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NFL: 3 teams are dying to move here, at least 2 will
MLB: Dodgers are by far the most balanced and best team in baseball. Will likely win the WS
NBA: Lakers have the #2 pick, and will likely add to the 16 (sixteen) championships we already have
NHL: Kings had a down year, but still defending Stanley Cup Champions, won 2 of 3 years.

No wonder the rest of you guys hate us so much.

>inb4 "muh Mexicans"
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LeBron of the House James, First of His Name, King of the NBA and the First Men and Lord of the Thirty Kingdoms.
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Daily reminder that Australia is the goat sporting nation per-capita

>25 million people
>reck a continent of 4 billion people in football AND cricket

>are now the favorites to win the rugby world cup
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Eternal /fifa/ Thread #558

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David Suker edition

Tools and info
Muh packs

Updated price ranges of each player:

Player database and and squad builder

FIFA 15 Online Pro Clubs:
PS4: FC Shiggy, Waifu FC, Sals Pals
PC: Autistico SP, SP Goats, EA PLEASE DIE

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