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I did it guys, I got a math degree
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What is, in your opinion, the most beautiful (or elegant, or awe-inspiring, if you prefer) equation?
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Logical form

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Can anyone help?
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Is civil engineering the best branch of engineering? Discuss.
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How can I use calculus to calculate the volume of this girl's ass?
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Is it 1/3 or 1/2?

Is the question ambiguous?
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Why haven't you warned your children or family members about Dihydrogen Monoxide yet, /sci/? Are you a shill for Big Hydro too?
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How about some statistics,/sci/?

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>graduate with bachelors in mech eng from caltech
>nobody in family cares, 2 likes on facebook
>brother graduates from no name community college with associates degree in child psychology
>247 likes on facebook, family has party for him with everyone saying congratulations

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What is the best MBTI result and why is it ENTP?
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