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/b/ is /b/usy

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i can draw a maymay pls let me draw something cool i <3 you
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[s4s], I have a job for you.

I need you to control the flow of information on the internet.

Can you do it?
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Post >>3466666 is property of Evil FEFe.

[fortune color="#7fec11"]Your fortune: Bad Luck[/fortune]
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Hi. I just made a thread.

Not because I felt like I had anything interesting to post. I haven't made any OC, I'm not trying to contribute to this board in any way.
To put it frankly, I think that [s4s] is awful these days and I just want to shit it up even further. Because it doesn't matter. I don't care about it.

But also I'm not attention whoring or trying to make an internet persona. I don't have any misguided sense of being important in this place. So I guess that in a way this thread is better than 90% of shit I see in here.

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I've been here since I got out of school 2 weeks ago for summer vacation and I have to say /s4s/ has gone to shit! I demand justice!
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le millenom girl
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post you're car
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hola friends^^ how are you?

i love this pic *-*