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Board-tans Thread

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Discuss things relating to board-tans, draw content, request content, etcetera.

Last thread: >>109379

What happened last thread:
Lelaura was given a story and some colors.
A few board-tan threads on /m/ and /toy/
We have a fucking Know Your Meme entry now, we're fucked.
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What do you feel about Anime haters on 4chan?
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Archive button is showing on /b/'s catalog. Does that mean archiving is coming to this board soon? It's not working.
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Just saw a thread on /v/ about a reddit exodus heading for 4chan

is this true? anybody got more info about what's been going on there?
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What famous celebrity has visited your home board?
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board ideas

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what boards would you like to see added?

what boards besides /pol/ would you like to see removed?
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If you could change just one thing in 4chan - what would it be and why ?
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>losing an argument
>close tab
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Cognitive function

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This may sound stupid but would reading a book and listening to a completely different audio book simultaneously do any good? If you practiced this enough would you be doing your brain a favor working it this way or is this just a waste of a headache??