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Anime, manga, manhua, manhwa..

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Non-Japanese animated material goes on /co/? /co/ ignores them and they seem more like /a/ material.
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4chan Passes should be mandatory

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If you are banned, your pass is revoked and you have to pay again to post.

How long do you think shitposters, spammers and trolls would stay around with that system in place?

This is clearly the answer to 4chans problems and would create an environment where people think about what they are posting and strive to contribute quality to the site
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Naruto threads keep getting deleted off of /a/ for no reason

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Not only this, but the prevalence of the complaint threads on /q/ increase but are ignored. The problem hasn't been solved, and has only gotten worse. I don't know what's more annoying, the mention of rape ape being a douche mod, that it derails the whole thing from shitposters who aren't taken care of or that it itself causes them to be deleted. Please take care of this problem; I loved Naruto day, but it really didn't solve anything.
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Can we discuss the hypothetical of /fur/ being restored? Not a board suggestion, though, just some discussion on what it could possibly bring.

I think that it would remove some of the cancer from /b/ and /v/, but that's just a theory.
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Post Limit

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So since when is the post timer 60 seconds? Did moot fuck something up or is this something I need to get used to?
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Oh look another thread!

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Dear Moot

Please change it back to 30 seconds, obviously your not listening to what everyone in the community of 4chan wants (except for shitposters and le epic trells on /q/)

Sincerely a concerned Anon
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Unable to delete threads

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Why can't I delete my own threads anymore?
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Naruto Hater Mod exposed

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I was having a discussion on naruto being persecuted in this thread
when suddenly this brute gTqpY0NB barged in and started shitposting
I found him too supportive of the moderation and looked up the images he was posting and realized I was speaking with a mod

I e-mailed moot but he assured me that it couldn't be a mod
Decided to look into this matter looking up the image and discovered a slew of shitposting done under several IDs all of which are confirmed to be able to bypass the bot

I looked up posts by rapeape,/pol/ mod and mQr but none of them have the amount of shitposting, low quality and immature posts as this mod

IDs this mod has used

In the next post I'll show the startling similarities between gTqpY0NB and the other IDs
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Why isn't this attached to the rules?
The only board that officially states roleplaying isn't allowed is /mlp/
Make roleplaying a bannable offense outside of /tg/ and /b/
Shit needs to be a global rule
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>tfw most of the threads on /q/ right now are buttrage over the post counter
Smooth going, J00t. You've really done it this time.
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