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What material for flip-books?

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Hi /po/, I'd like to create a series of flip-book animations. I've seen that there are different techniques, some use smaller and more sturdy books for fluid animations, whereas others are using more of a drop technique with bigger stacks of paper which results in a lower frame rate but longer and more detailed animations.

Has anyone of you experience with flip-books? What would you recommend as material for either of the techniques mentioned (sticky notes, small notepads etc.)? Any tips in general?
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Not sure if /po has a mascot, if not I'd like to nominate Yomiko from Read or Die
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Origami piranha

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I designed this cartoon fish few weeks ago. It's folded from one square. If you like to fold it I have made a tutorial:
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Sweet Tooth Mask PDO

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Hey /po/, I'm at my wits end here. I've been looking around for the Sweet Tooth Mask in pic related. But every where I look they always lead me back to a paywall.

Do you guys whom have the files mind sharing?
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Well, I suppose it's as complete as it's going to get.

The receivers and magwell are compatible with the PM AR V3.

The download package contains instruction photos in addition to pattern pages in black, tan, and white.
PNG version (80.7 MB)

PDF version (52.5 MB)
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papercraft and NEET

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This may be the most depressing post ever?
Anyone else ever fall into cardstock modeling because they were temporarily unemployed, it was a cheap hobby, and it kept your hands busy/kept you from losing your mind?

This is why I can't do it anymore. It reminds me of those sad times.
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Selling origami

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So realtalk about selling Origami

I want to get into making professional large scale origami modular lamps.

Was reading the copyright shit on origami USA but it was crazy long winded
and didn't explain or give me the info I needed.

I"m often tweaking models and embossing instead of folding and using glue
and such to achieve the same shapes but with no viable unnecessary creases.

How much change goes through a piece before its yours?
Would I have to contact every single person before selling something
modified off their design?
Is making the piece a lamp considered enough of a change to call it my own?
What if the designer of the model is dead what then?

Any help would be amazing, thank you in advance.
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