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Where do you guys get your paper and what is it called? Both for papercraft (I've heard it called tagboard, cardboard, card paper,etc) and for Origami (Is it a specific kind of paper or will any kind of paper do?)
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hey guys, anyone has pdfs for a giant head papercraft ? the only ones i could find were way too simple and just plain too ugly. something like pic related would be awesome tho.
or maybe someone has a step by step tutorial for the retarded on how to model your own head ? i can't into 3d too well. at all.
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Does anybody have papercraft templates for miniature furniture?
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Hi anyone have this voltron template ? Please share thank you.
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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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Does anyone have this papercraft templates of Nishikino Maki from Love Live School Idol Project?
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Im new with this of modeling or papercraft, recently wanted to do a papermodel loke figmas figures, since im poor (lol) yes, cant buy one so, im trying to do joints etc.

By the moment i cant test if joint works well, can someone do it for me?
If works i will continue with the work ! really thanks !!!!

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Any useful papercraft like wallets or bags?

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I was wondering if anyone had patterns of /po/ projects other than the basic paper weight. I just got a shit ton of tyvek and really want to test my skills.
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Star Wars

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Does anybody have this model?
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