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low polygon base papercraft

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love this look dose anyone have more?
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Christmas Link twilightprincessmodel?

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DOes anybody have this one?
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guys i want a place where people talk about magic tricks and mentalism where can i find that?
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PM Jackal Model

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hey guys, I'm trying out this model, the instructions are pretty clear so far, but having trouble with the barrel core. Do the supports actually go in the cores, or are those just extras?
Also, I think the guy that designed it posts here, props to him, and this thing is fricken huge
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Eh? Tec-9

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I like it!
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lamp thread

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I want to build a floor lamp or two for my room. Anyone got some good templates or ideas? I can find lots of hanging papercraft lamps, but not very many floor lamps.
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Files everywhere!

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Hello everyone!
I got a .PDO file and It opens perfectly, now I'm wondering how i'm able to edit it.(The file is locked) eventho it's just a model taken from a computer game.
I would only need the shoulders and the helmet.(I want 2 cosplay that character).
Could anyone give me some pointers how to get rid of the extra data in the file and/how to edit it ?
Thank you!
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Aegis destroyer "Kirishima"

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Hey, I can't seem to find the full download this is the website where all links lead. Any Chance you guys got it?