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My little brother came home from his first year of college spouting your run of the mill sjw bullshit. Should I smack sense into him or leave him be?
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Request :3

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Soo i was askin myself, "is there a Battlecast Cho'gath Papercraft?" and i didn't found any :'(
And i wanted to know if somebody knows how to make the patterns or tell me how i can make them

There's a website where you can see the 3D model if you need it:
Thanks :3
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hey /po/
ive been designing some papercraft for a while...
theyre supposed to be elves for a table top game/chess.
will post my progress.
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glue/paper for papercrafts

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hey guys i have made many paper craft in my time, but they keep falling apart because of the glue and paper i use... i was wondering what paper and glue do you guys use that works
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Hey Guys! New here

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Hey /po/, when I found out there was a papercraft origami threadon 4chan I was ECSTATIC. I've loved origami since elementary and I even made my own model in 8th grade. However soon after that I kinda fell out of touch and i'm looking to start again. Anyone have any interesting folds or diagrams for someone looking to get back into folding with a good amount of experience? I'm only about lower intermediate level. Also any tips on making diagrams? I'd like to share my model with you guys
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Post fallout papercraft!
how do i build this?
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So /pol/ what is your opinion on this?

Tim Cook has pledged that Apple's future won't be as white and male as it has been in the company's past. The CEO sat down with Mashable in advance of the WWDC keynote to say that diversity is the "future of our company."
It's not just hand-wringing that has prompted his attitude, since he believes that "the most diverse group will produce the best product."
The executive has added that the tech community needs to work a lot harder to show women that the industry is "cool" and "how much fun it can be."
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I have about 80 sheets of 110 pound cardstock. Only /po/ can vote on what I build.
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Hey /po/! Could anybody recommend some mechs for someone new to papercraft?
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