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national power grid

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Hello /po/, does anyone have a pepakura or some papercraft file of the giant Shia Labeouf head used in the music video (Shia Labeouf)?
I plan on making one for a comvention in the future.
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Quilling I did a few years ago of a dragon... Don't know if it counts as papercraft or origami...
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Flipit Paper Combat part III

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Bump limit reached

So until I hear that Lotus has an official ruleset somewhere, my friend and I are going to make our own. He's got the list we're working on for what we want it to be, so I'll just be posting what I can remember. Would very much appreciate any ideas or criticism you guys could offer... Here goes(In no particular order).
(Again, we're still just in the brainstorming phase, none of this is concrete)
We were thinking the army would be similat to red's from an infantry-heavy standpoint. Rather than a lot of weak infantry, however, have few strong infantry.
Basic infantry are 15pts each
Squad sizes 3-6.
Equipped with cavalry sword and pistol.
(Which means in addition to infantry always moving double-time regardless if they attacked, they also deal more melee damage than other armies' basic inf)
We haven't really figured out what we want to do with the lotus bomber, we were thinking just give it another bomb, so it will run with 3 bombs instead of 2. We don't know what to do with it, but we figure it'll be somewhere near the front lines with the infantry, and because they're a bit faster, they could do bombing before the infantry arrive, to weaken the front lines a bit.
For the dragon tank, we were thinking of giving it the ability to turn into a long range artillery. (Basically a mortar team, but able to re-position as needed) It's base stats as a tank would be only slightly modified from Black X's tank. It wouldn't be very much better than Black's(even though it's so much larger) because it would have the ability to deploy as an artillery. As an artillery, we thought it was more fair(on account of it being able to move) to have a minimum firing range in addition to a shorter maximum range than a regular mortar. The minimum range would be 6-8" and max would be 24". In order to fire as the artillery, the tank would have to have not moved on the previous turn(for aiming or whatever).
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mini dungeon adventures

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My patreon

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Hey /po/,

I've been working on my own papercrafts/cardboard models for many years and recently I thought I'd do something for all of us.
So I will be making models from games/movies/anime etc. each very detailed so don't expect anything easy to build.

I'd like to know your honest opinion about this idea.

Btw you can find a sample pdf on my page (it's too big to attach here):
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Hey /po/
Does anybody here has any Dark Souls 1/2 files? More specifically I am looking for the Faraam set or the elite knight set, but if not, I would also appreciate the helmets only at least. I already found a pack of DS files on so there's no point you giving me the link again.
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I share some Origami ... Dollar Koi Fish
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This guy is blowing my mind, I gotta find diagrams/etc for this