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>District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said his review of evidence led him to conclude that the police officer's actions amounted to "lawful use of deadly police force.''
Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny fatally shot Tony Robinson, 19, after responding to a 911 call March 6, setting off a series of non-violent protests. The shooting came days after the U.S. Justice Department issued a report accusing the police force in Ferguson, Mo., of a pattern of racial profiling and discrimination.
At a news conference, Ozanne went into considerable detail outlining the facts in the case, saying 19-year-old Tony Robinson was behaving erratically and reportedly had taken drugs. He said Robinson had assaulted other people and the officer before Kenny fired.

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In memory of Terry Pratchett

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The Unseen University
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League of Legends papercraft

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Let's get that League of Legends papercraft thread back up.
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Discworld papercraft

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Does anyone have the Unseen University papercraft in pdf? Or anything else Discworld related?
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Hi "ANON-friends" of 4Chan/po/a huge favor, anyone know of a patch to be able to open files of PEPAPAKURA Designer but for the new version 3.1.4. It is that the "PepPatch313b.exe" (obviously) does not work for this version.

Before hand thank you very much for your kindness, interest, support and attention.
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cardboard bag toppers

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cardboard toppers
02/28/15(Sat)21:21:36 No.777836

2.01 MB JPG
Anyone know where I can get the cardboard do make something like this with my own design? Also what kind of printer do you need to print on this type of cardboard? I tried Avery but their cardboard is way too thin and non sturdy.
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Hay there /po/

How do I pop-up cards? I need to make one from a drawing, but I can never understand the mechanics behind it.

I can make a basic somethin'-somethin' that pops out from the card, but I don't know how to make one of them fancy and complicated things.
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The link to this papercraft is down, does anyone on /po/ happen to have a copy?
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Hey /po/! I've been away from the papercrafting community for awhile. Just came back and I'm needing help getting some models (assuming anyone has managed to get their hands on them). /po/ has always came through in the past. Hopefully you can help me now.
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help with alternate downloads

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all these animal models

website error, only one worked. need reposts or mirrors for the rest