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Hello, friends greetings from /po/4chan:

Through this message, I want to denounce the blog of a person who makes incredible pieces of papercraft of the Simpsons, which are great. I say in advance that I do not know him in person, but his way of producing and make these pieces made me to start it to follow through his blog.

Much I appreciate that they conduct an investigation and to exhibit his work, since he has arranged for free parts of several of the characters from the Simpsons.
in advance I thank your attention and support.

Greetings from Mexico and an apology for my bad Vietnamese.

Kind regards.
Your fan, friend and follower.
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halp /po/
I'm making a model with Sweet Home 3D, before countinuing i've exported it in obj format to test it.
Pic related continue in next post.
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!!kikkZdJFu82 (7 replies)

Circular paper origami

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Does anyone here know any actually interesting model which can be made with a round piece of paper?
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Kik me at unseen_waffle
I would like to meet people who are interested in the fine craft of origami and also talk about the technique. We could possibly make a group to just talk about and improve our origami skills. :)
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what do you think of this /po/?

some people like to watch the world burn
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