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Request for Ideas

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OK /po/ I've got one of these machines and I'm looking for some cool paper project ideas to make with it.

I've done a couple origamic architecture things by cutting the cut lines and perforating the fold lines with it which made em pretty easy and quite sharp looking. I've also made some cool custom paper lanterns (for flameless tea lights) from stencil designs with custom cut parchment paper liners.

I did a whole whack of adhesive vinyl stuff, etching, and mtg proxy cards as well but that's mostly unrelated to this board.

Ideas don't need to be in a compatible format or anything I can adapt/convert things readily and origami elements are no obstacle since origami was/is my first major hobby, I can literally fold most basic stuff blindfolded/behind my back lol.
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Rescue from oblivion this fantastic model of the "DotA Necromancer"
It is very basic but good. Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you can post it on your blog.

Download link:

Mirror Link:
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>yfw you accidentally clicked this board instead of /pol/
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JamesAlex ジェームズとアレックス

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James and his new boyfriend Alex, also known as I Hate Everything, were sitting on a cliff. They were watching the beautiful sunset going down. "I'm so glad we're together" said Alex, as he gently stroked James' soft hair. They decided to go back to the hotel, after 5 minutes of making out. This was their 1st honeymoon!

When they got into the hotel, they got frisky in bed. They loved each other very much. They lived a long time together, everyday they got frisky with each other in bed.

-An I Hate Everything fan fiction.
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Papercraft Shogi Pieces

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Does anyone know of a good printable papercraft for 3d shogi pieces? I am looking for pieces to print out and assemble.
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paper heart

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what I relatare only left to understand that what I have is to vent, to be honest, I want everyone to know it, since more than two years to go through my first romantic experience and I think that is the only time in which I'll be really in love sincerely a woman, in an online site known as "IMVU" met by accident a girl from my country, this girl will not name to avoid invading his personal space, was depressed and worried because a friend in Nicaragua wanted they were boyfriends, her comments posted on the site you want a hug, I invite to my room and gave him a hug, with my character disguised snorlax and gave the hug to her character, she thanked me and let me know the matter would never suspect that this would meet the love of my life, advising her in a relationship that was about to have, to summarize the situation where I had gotten the girl asked me for my facebook, I gave it and started chatting on the camera, the girl was from a town near the mine and continue talking and getting to know good friends, in one day she told me she liked and planned to deny the request of his friend dating Nicaragua, I would knowing what to say just accept it and let try to have a relationship with her, ours began simply chat conversations and the occasional visit to the site, where we could make our characters embrace and kiss, I seemed nice, but she did not conformed that and wanted that we try ourselves in real, I should not accept it, so maybe ours would not have been as important as it was then, and would have saved this void that I feel today, we suffer complications from these days, her parents did not accept that she was not before know, your mother always intervened in the talks, making mourn, doing anything for separate and at the end we could not see chat at home, so we stuck to their hours in college,
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What can we do to get rid of those fucking kikes once and for all?
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Animal Crossing Papercraft

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Hi, i've been looking for any papercraft of animal crossing i can find, but google only returns ded links.

Pic related, the antivirus jumped every time i tried to download it, and even then, the link is broken,
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PHiZZ bucky ball

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I've got a shit ton of the PHiZZ units and I can put them into the groups of three, but after that I can't seem to figure out how to group them (groups of three) into a larger group of five. Any tips? Am I missing something?
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