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Has anyone made the elephant wintercroft mask? Pics? Is it worth buying?
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Doomguy Helmet

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Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a Doom helmet .pdo or .obj? I need it for a cosplay that I want to do but I can't seem to find one anywhere.
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Origami Furnature

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I currently have a school project so I'm trying to find moderate origami furniture to build (like the one in the pic) however I'm having troubles finding good models with instructions. Could you guys please help me find the instructions for this one or suggest some ideas for other furniture? Thanks!
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Jinx Papercraft?

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Is there anyone who would do me the pleasure of send me a papercraft of Jinx from League of Legends? I don't find it anywhere... Not a complex one also a chibi or easyer one than something like this... Ty all guys <3
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Hi guys!

I'm looking for a company who does customizable cubeecraft just like but unfortunately foldable has shut down already, do you guys know any other company that do something similar?
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