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Could someone please make some 2d flats of these guys for me.
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anyone has
1/40 Scale GN-008 Seravee GNHW/B ?
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Origami bookmarks!

The Dragonfly:
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Am I any good at this?

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Is this any good? I made it a few years back and was wondering if it's worth taking up the hobby once more. Any critics on it would be usful. This is the only pic of it I have right now. I'll post more when I get back from work. If any one has pics of some one doing this better that would be nice.
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Sup /po/, im looking for any papercraft files of Destiny.

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Couldn't find any decent models/files around the web. i believe i can find something here :)
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Hey guys, trying to make my own dragon model. I'll try to put up a better pic after while, but, the one on the left is mine, starts with a frog base, the one on the right is from a book I found a while back that starts from a bird base (I'll post the pdf if anyone wants it.) I want to make a diagram of the design, but not sure what the best way to do it would be. Any suggestions on method/software/etc?
I have made a pdf of pics/instructions before for a cat ear fold, but my camera sucks ass.