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Hey /po/, never been here before but I figured you guys might appreciate some Witcher 3 papercraft I got from pre-ordering the game on GoG.
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Hey guys. I need some help and I can't download 3DS max for whatever reason. I keep getting error messages.

I've got this .max file of hockey players ripped using Ninjaripper:

Unfortunately they have no hands!

I do have this mqo file of a player ripped from the Wii game in this folder:

Could someone please take a player and stick from the max file and combine it with the gloves from the mqo file? Pic not related.
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What program i can use to model my house then print it and make a 3d paper model ?
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Papercraft Furniture Templates

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Hi everyone ! i need some templates of furniture for a little house made with arduino and cardboard... but i couldn't find anything on the net

thanks ^-^
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Longct Bookmark

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Hey /po/
I made this longcat bookmark!
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Toys for toys from /toy/

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Since someone left them on /toy/, I figured I'd repost them here. Unfortunately, while I have the PDF versions, they're all far too large for hosting here, and I've no idea where else to host, so it's just jpegs for the Revoltech stuff that was dumped.
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Hi /po/!

I need some help, inspiration and tips for making something to put on my wall over my bed.

The space is about 2x1 meters. I want to fill it with colors wich reminds of big cities, such as New York with it's extravagant cityscape.

Want to make it something that reminds of these pictures.

What materials would I need? Different papers etc.
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I'm looking for Viking Horde stuff please. It looks really cool and i wanna give it a go.
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/hwg/ on /po/

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Requesting kirigami

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Years ago I found here a HUUUUUGE .zip full of kirigami diagrams.

I can't find it now :/

Anyone has it and can share?
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