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Shirokuma Cafe Papercraft model

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Hello everybody,
I just wanted to know if someone of you has the papercraft models of Shirokuma Cafe.
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hey /po/
today i will start a new building thread with the hopes to finish it this time ;-)
thx to suigentoo for the Sazabi Gundam from Papertang he shared the last time.
this time i wil try the MXR-009 Psycho Gundam from chapsy´s blog.
here we go...
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Hey /po/ i've been searching the internet for the past week i made it all the way to page 32 of google till i decided just to ask for a hand.
i was wondering well hoping if anyone knew where to find or was able to create a
Pepakura file for KOS-MOS V.3
it looks like this and i need it by next week so i can finish it by FEB 15th i've been searching everywhere and i've run into nothing but dead ends can anyone help me?!?!
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Mini Dungeon Adventures

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Hi, I was sad to see there was no new Mini Dungeon Adventures thread out here after the great purge so I decided to start it.

I am currently making new characters, so feel free to request.

all credits goes to newobjim for making it, and other anon's for making it awesome.
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Does anybody have the JAOS special with this beauty in it? I've been meaning to fold it but can t find grams :I
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life size papercraft anime girl

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does anyone have this papercraft. If so could you post the file on please because I had this file once and now I've lost it.
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Gundam Sharing

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Gundam Sharing Thread

i will post most of what i have without the names of the desinger or the source.feel free to post some stuff.
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