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Searching for shuzo fujimoto books.
If you have anything please share
Also looking for english versions of:
School of masters, and tomoko fuse's book spiral
John montroll a book with variations of stars
Bug wars book
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Origami Book Thread

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New Origami Book Thread
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Epson Godzilla

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Has anyone with an Epson printer managed to save this? Or know of some way to snag it w/o an Epson printer?
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Anyone know where I can find some instructions for the [One Piece] MSA-0011 [Bst] Plan303e Deep Striker? The file I have isn't very helpful and is in korean.
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Anyone else excited for the new wintercroft masks? Wish Christmas didn't suck me dry every year, this reindeer mask is beautiful.
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hello, can anyone share any mask of those wintercroft masks?
Im looking specially for the skull and half bunny/fox one...

ps. yes, I've already search almost everywhere... :) help
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Can someone please remove the background to make it less ink intensive?
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Hey /po/ I would love to make something like pic related. Problem is I cannot find the template anywhere. The only site I found charges heavy $ for this and since I'm a miserable poorfag I cannot afford that. I need your help.
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Anyone have a .pdf/.pdo for the Nirvash from Eureka Seven? I have a model for the one from the movie but not the original.
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A huge favor, can someone share with me this model, I have not been able to find and I hope someone can help me out hechar and enormous help. Thanks in advance.
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