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>Wintercruft Thread

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share your creations
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Does anyone have the Wintercroft templates?

I've clicked a few links but they've all been taken down :( Any help would be greatful! :)
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Origami books

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Origami books
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Low poly masks

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a low poly mask template. I've been searching and I only finded one free, and I don't like it so much. Please, entertain me in thins boring sunday evening.
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Origami Books
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Masks for halloween?

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Anyone have any masks? the pic is from Steve Wintercroft.
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Does anyone have a guide for this mask? It's the bunny mask by Wintercroft - found an archive where people dumped them but all links are dead.

Thanks in advance
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Cardboad Skull

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Does anyone have a file for this?
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New origami books

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It seems the 1 year old tanteidan thread has died on us, guess we need to start a new one.

Guess i'll start it off by making a few requests

Tomoko fuse - spirals ( english version)

School of masters(english version.. Don't know if it exists, but there is a lot of text in the book and is all in russian)

USA convention( i still need em all)

Pajarita magazine 114 till latest

Tanteidan magazine/convention( always handy to have a link for all these books. Link should never die!)

Creased magazine(so far haven't found a single issue)

BOS magazine(british origami society)

Shadow folds

Structural packaging by paul jackson

Twists tilings and tesselations by robert lang

Outside the box origami by scott wasserman stern

Sculptural origami by saadya sternberg

Folding paper : infinite possibilities of origami by meher mcArthur

Tesselation hortensia origami by shuzo fujimoto

Galaxy of origami stars by joh montroll

Cut and fold techniques for promotional material by paul jackson

Shuki kato any models you might have

This is a list of everything i have not yet found, or is handy to have the option of downloading it again like tanteidan

Lets make the most epic origami thread come back to life( picture related
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wintercroft files

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