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rat thread

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give me all of your ratcraft
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Ganondorf by Icthus7

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Someone have this pdf and pdo? I don't find valid link.

Someone know if this, zelda e link papercraft always by icthus are of same size?
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Hi /po/

I'm interested in where everyone usually get their papercrafting materials or discussions with other crafters, including this board.
And I've made a short survey for those who want to take a minute or two to answer it.

You could also answer the questions right here, they're as follow.

1. What websites do you usually use regarding papercraft? E.g. forums, databases, subreddits, etc.
2. Why do you use said website(s)? E.g. community, collection, etc.
3. What elements or functions do you think the websites need? E.g. more users, better discussion boards, larger database, etc.
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Thread continued from page 10.
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Whats the best way to reenforce papercraft things to make them more sturdy?

Also, any tips for generally making your papercraft stuff look better? Or general beginner's tips? Or where you get your patterns? Anything really.

I'm just getting started here, doing fairly simple stuff, but I want to get into more complex and larger things.

Have the Plans for a Snark as payment.
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General Gear Thread

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Board got wiped. General Gear Thread!

What are you using?
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Dude, where's my Homeworld?

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Does anyone now where to find models from Homeworld nowadays? I tried looking at all the old archives I used to go to- Erick's Models, Yessmaster, etc.- but they're all 404'd and dead.
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