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Latin American militaries

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Here's something that we don't talk about too much, but how are the militaries of countries in Latin America like?

How competent are they, and which ones would stand the best chance in a fight?
What equipment do they have?
What keeps them from having wars like the middle east or Africa?

Anyway Latin American army thread
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Middle east at war roundup.

First (known) american killed in Syria - Volunteer for the Kurds

ISIS attacks Lebanon, Hezbollah and Lebanese Army send them to Jahannam

Major fighting in the North of Syria as Kurds strike at Suluk and Tal Abyad

FSA in the south moves west, being pushed off the Lebanise border, but yesterday captured a major SAA installation (Battalion 52).

Yemen getting hammered by airstrikes, but Saudi ground troops getting ripped apart in the south in Yemen razzia
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Is this the wrong part of 4Chan to talk about it?
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What's up, /k/. Why do you think the Union won the civil war? It can't have solely been their anaconda strategy. At first, the confederacy was beating the shit out of the union. Why do you think the tables turned?
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What do you think about Slovik's execution?

I wasn't even aware that thousands of US soldiers deserted in WW2.

Is death the only appropriate punishment for the crime of desertion?
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Could we just have a ballisong thread? Are there any ballisongfags in here
> inb4 poor americans
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HI /k/ what would be a good legal gun I can own in California
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Future/Concept/SciFi Shit

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Engineering Nightmares Edition

Post designs, compliment designs, or explain why a design makes no sense and how the artist is a fucking retard.

Starting off with some edgy asian stuff.
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I just finished cleaning everything.
Arsenal thread!
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