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>The kernel keeps getting better and better
>AMD free drivers are getting on par with Catalyst
>Intel is doing shittons of work on Mesa
>KDE 5
I'm the only one excited for the future of Linux?
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Vaping Thread?
What are you vaping with?

Vision Spinner 1300 mAh + Kanger ProTank 3 Dual Coil here
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Did Google maliciously program YouTube to not work optimally on third-party, open-source browsers like Firefox?

Is Google doing this to push people to Chrome? freezes and lags very badly on my resource-rich computer. I always get the "Not responding" message on the menu bar and then the browser freezes momentarily.
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What does /g/ think of the Moto G?
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Apple SSL/TLS Bug

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>security-critical library
>if statement without curly braces
>no static analysis
>no dead code warnings
>review fail
>tears a hole into SSL/TLS making MITM attacks trivial
>ship fix for iOS but not OSX

Suck it apple users. But at least they have an excellent sense of how to name things.
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Why doesn't Adobe just make Photoshop for Linux?
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GITS keyboard fingers when
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ITT: Reasons why you don't use Linux.
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Minimalist/humble battle station thread

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Pic of my setup, only change is I'm using a steel series 6gv2 now instead of that Logitech keyboard.
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