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Hey /diy/, I have a small theft problem and I am looking for a solution. Actually, no, I already have a solution, I just don't keep valuables in the car anymore. I'm out for revenge.

Some guy has broken into my car twice in the past month. Both times he has stolen things of little value to me, despite there being things of significant worth in my car. I want to set up a proximity alarm in my car, and have it call or text me when it detects motion within my car after a set time. I drive a jeep wrangler with a soft top, so it's easy as hell to break into. I also have no car alarm. I mainly just want to be woken up while the crime is occurring so I can get out there and follow the son of a bitch home.

What do I need to accomplish this?
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/ohm/ - Electronics General: TFT Edition

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Old thread:

>I'm new to electronics, where do I get started?
There are several good books and YouTube channels that are commonly recommended for beginners and those wanting to learn more, many with advanced techniques. The best way to get involved in electronics is just to make stuff. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

>What books are there?

----------Beginner books----------
Getting Started in Electronics Forrest Mims III
Make: Electronics Charles Platt
How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic Michael Jay Greier

----------Intermediate books----------
All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide - Harry Kybett, Earl Boysen
Practical Electronics for Inventors - Paul Scherz and Simon Monk

----------Advanced books----------
The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz

>What YouTube channels are there?

>What websites feature electronics projects or ideas?

>Where do I get components and lab equipment from?

>What circuit sim software do you use?
This mostly comes down to personal preference. These are the most common ones though:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs

>What software should I use to print circuits?
Circuit Wizard
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Strandbeest build, need help.

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Hey everyone, it's my first time on /diy/ for quite a long time, so forgive me if I'm making any mistakes.
Ages ago (a little over a year ago) I wanted to build a walking bike, and with help from you, I was introduced to Theo Jansen's Strandbeest.
I absolutely love the linkages, and though my plans have changed, I have a few questions regarding how they work.
I'm aware of the 11 golden ratios when it comes to proportions, but I'd like to simplify things a little since this is my first build. Will a simpler model work? I don't mind sacrificing a little efficiency as my expertise in this field is limited.
My other question is in regards to the wheels that I've seen at the bottom of some strandbeest legs, do they rotate like a regular wheel or are they there for simple ease of motion?
Thanks in advance, I'll try to provide feedback when I can.
Picture related, sorry for the shitty quality of my paint skills. all x's are equal to each other, all y's are equal to each other, this draft is not of the exact proportions.
TL;DR is explained in the picture.
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Calling all sparkys!

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SO I need to install something heavier on my back porch to run some power tools and such. There's already one there but its a gay ass GFI outlet at 120 15 amp. and as most know most power tools don't like this... I crawled up into the attic to check the wire, and this shit is so thin and flimsy ain't no fucking way it would pass code now days, the house was built in the late 80s. when SUPER CHEAP AND SUPER QUICK went hand in hand...

Anyways I was planning on to hire an electrician that would work with me, I was gonna buy everything he would need, the plug/outlet/#10 wire, the breaker and run it myself for him, basically all he would have to do was install it and make sure it worked.. my insurance would throw a shit-fit if I just DIY'd it without a license and my house caught fire or some stupid unrelated shit.

So my question is I want a 120 volt, 30 amp outlet. basically I can install it to the existing outlet out back.. but I also want a 220 volt outlet. But I only have 1 outlet outback and all my outside walls are concrete cinderbricks.. Is it even possible using the existing panel to run from the panel [that's in my garage] then run the sets of wires I need to a "concrete wall" I build in my backyard? Basically run the wires underground up into a cinderbrick wall so I could have more then 1 outlet. sure it would look kinda of redneck/trashy but no one looks into my backyard anyway..

OR would it be better to just build a small shed and just have them run a main to it and hook up a box and shit? I mean realistically I figured the before would be cheaper, but I don't really know how much sparkys charge for all this shit. I know its enough money that you'd expect them to suck you off too when their done.
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ITT: make a schematic in paint/gimp/whatever, others try to accurately guess what it is and tell if it would work or not.
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Hey guys, what is a good way to make your front door breaching-proof? Against criminals of course.

I know how to protect it against a battering ram many burglers these days use by having a large (expandable) pole of hardend steel that fits between the door and the wall behind it, which protects it against brute force, but how about criminals who would want to use a chainsaw to enter your cozy home?

I was thinking about making an inner wall at the inside of the door filled with small metal balls, so when thiefs try to saw open your door this shit would shoot thousands of small metal balls around, which might scare them off.

However, i'm not quite sure if this is effective. So i've been thinking, maybe there is a way to have something at the inside of the door like something tougher than a chainsaw that when cut into would jam the saw or even break the chain. Maybe metal strings of titanium? What would be strong enough?

Also what is a good way to make a very big electro magnet that you can trigger using a panic button that would fry your computer and harddrives in an instant in case these burglers are out for your own personal financial digital files?

Thanks for brainstorming with me /diy/ it's for a school subject btw.
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Aluminium powder?

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Does anyone know a somewhat efficient way to turn empty cans into aluminium powder? I know it's fairly easy to buy, but I'd like to try making some.
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I just finished scrapping a microwave I got for free and I was wondering if there's anything cool or fun I could do with the magnetron.

So far the only thing I can recall or find is to make a HERF gun, but I don't really want a HERF gun.

Unless there's anything else I can do with it, I'm just going to get the magnetron recycled.
I don't really want to keep Beryllium oxide ceramic in my closet.
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What is this or What can this be repurposed as?

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Any ideas? Restore or destroy? Found in a house I purchased to flip.
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6 axis SEX ROBOT

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**Video of my robot moving**

Back in October I bought5 a robot a 6 axis robot from a hillbilly for $500
and made a thread about it. here is the update on my robot

So, in January 2015 I got my 3 phase converter. that was $1100

So i could power it up and find out it had a blown up I/O board

replacement came May 2015
for a cool $145

Part came on thursday. Installed it, had to trouble shoot a ton more shit but got it running that same night.

There is still an encoder error, but i just jiggle the cables and it works again. I will have to fix that before I can have sex with it but the robot moves.

<iframe width="480" height="270" src=""; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

idk how to embed
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