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Petplay and BDSM Thread #34 - Sploosh it back to life

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Question for this thread: How do you handle cleaning up toys after use? Is it up to the owner, or Pet, or do you do it together? Does the Pet take care of their own plug, or for you is it something Master/Mistress does?
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Sexy Traps

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Post traps that look's like girls, very feminine and sexy
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Hypnosis & Mind Control General

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ITT: Discussion of Hypnosis, Techniques, Stories, Fantasies, and Porn

A good collection of Hypnostories to start with:

Starter Question: Conditioning--what do you like most about it? What techniques you enjoy using? If you're not a fan, what do you dislike about conditioning?
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Everything horsecock

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horsecock thread
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Diaper Thread

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Nursing: Edition
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Xeno Thread

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Get in here, smegheads.
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Warframe thread X : Saryn best waifu edition

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Let's dew it
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Maid Domme

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Let's start a Maid Domme thread. They don't have to be top dog, but maids putting others in their place is hot as fuck, yo.
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Same size Vore thread

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Last one is digesting; time to start a new.

Same size vore here, you know the rules; no fur faggotry.
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yamada kun to 7 nin no majo

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hi guys, can someone find me some hentai about this anime "yamada kun to 7 nin no majo" ? I think its something like " yamada and the seven witches" would be much appreciated, thanks !