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Captain America and Mighty Avengers #9

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I see nobody storytimed one of the best comics from MARVEL yet. Let's do it than.
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It's pretty obvious Doom is going to win, right?
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Does anybody have Slott's address?

I'm gonna masturbate on his doorstep.
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The Powerpuff Girls 2016

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The Powerpuff Girls are coming back for a reboot in 2016 and are getting new voices, what do you guys think about this
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>Set in an expansive universe built upon over decades
>Infinite possibility in story
>Funny jokes that don't go overboard
>Likeable characters
>p.well drawn

Why aren't there more comic like this?
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Marvel Heroes General: Worst Anniversary Yet Edition

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/mhg/ FAQ: **OUTDATED**
Useful links:
Test Center:
Marvel Heroes Database:
How do you level so fast?:
Where can I find builds? Hero-specific forums, or in the thread.
**Refer to pastebins, always being updated**

2015 - 3x Fortune Cards
SUESTORM - Retcon Device
INFLUENCE - Influence Box
C2E22015 - 4 Hour Cosmic Penta Rush Boost
ASSEMBLE- 2 Hour Iridium Triple Boost
ULTRON - 4 Hour Cosmic Penta Rush Boost
2NDBDAY - Team-Up Gear Find Boost & 2 Hour Iridium Triple Boost

Marvel Heroes Bugle:

2nd Anniversary Celebration:

2nd Anniversary - Tuning Philosophy Initiative:

Marvel Heroes 2015 Preview Blog:


Official Confirmed Hero and Level 52 Review Tracker:

The /co/ supergroup (guild) is Muggas Disassembled. Ask in thread for an invite.
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Endtown 2015-06-10

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Kirbee is bad at being a lizard.

The previous thread (>>72852346) died too quickly after the update.

Let's hope Kirbee doesn't.
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Questionable Content

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Marten Reed is one of the main characters of Questionable Content. In fact, as the first person to speak in the comic, it could be argued that he is the main character. He is the only other character besides Faye to have appeared in over half the strips in the comic.

Also, his pateron is at $9,932.75
per month
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Prequel Cloak design

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Post your cloak designs here for the Prequel Cloak designs.

Please keep on topic, no funposting, ignore the bait ect.

Thank you Kaz for the fun comic
And a special thanks for the mods for not banning me Hopefully
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Would you consider Disney Infinity figures good /co/ collectibles?
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