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What's the point of going to college aside from a piece of paper that proves you're not completely retarded? Is it worth it?

The things I've learned insofar amount to something I could have learned on my own in a few days, but they're "required classes".

They made me take fucking statistics and by the end of the class me and a few other kids had over 100% in the class. Like it's fucking elementary school or something.

I just don't want to be getting scammed.
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I'm curious as to why it feels as if all jobs are currently saturated.

I'm a software engineer (and it annoys the fuck out of me that everyone and their mothers wants to get into this profession), and I feel like my field is about to lose a lot of the benefits because they know that they can get people for cheap.

But I feel like this is every field currently.

For example:

>Wait until Rajish and Suk On Dik replace you, plus everybody's doing it nowadays
Did Liberal Arts?
>Lol good luck finding the one job that exists
Become a lawyer
>Oversaturated dumbasses
Become a professor/researcher
>lol slave for 10 years and you MIGHT get a permanent gig at the end of it
Do business
>Literally everybody has this degree

Is it just me? Am I wrong? I'd believe it's just 4chan, but I've heard this same thing everywhere. In addition, I'm actually witnessing software dev going down the drain.
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Forex General

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Discuss strategies, upcoming market events, recent good / bad trades (and any lessons learned,) etc.
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Has anyone been in my position before? If so how did you deal with regret? I'm 25 years old and just finished my first semester of university (Australian), I'm slowly getting my shit together and am moving forward with my life.

But all the people who I know have already graduated university and they well-paying jobs, some have gotten married, some have started businesses, and I've been a loser NEET for the past 7 years, all I used to do was watch movies, browse the internet, play games etc. Life sucked. But I'm back at it, I'm improving every aspect of my life from my financial situation, health, spiritual life, my shitty habits.. everything that I can. I'm happy with my progress so far. But everyday I am agonized by the pain of regret.. that if only I started sooner I could have been way further than my peers.. and I just can't seem to get rid of these negative thoughts from poisoning my mind and affecting my productivity.
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Let's say that you had a magical room, 12 ft by 12 ft, inside which time passes one hundred times faster than in the outside world. Similar to the hyperbolic time chamber in Dragonball Z.

How do you use it to make money?
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If I would give you a million dollars, how'd invest it?
Let's say you have to give the exact amount back in four years. No interest.
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What would you do with 10 million a year?

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Would you lose your shit?
I think I'd lose my shit.
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Hey /biz/ this fall I'm going to a small town in Nebraska of about 25k people for college. It's pretty remote it's 30min a way from a city with a Starbucks 70k and it is two hours away from Omaha and about 6 from Lincoln. I'm wondering if I can start a business that is small. Ie selling and importing stuff or anaything in general. Also the town has a Walmart and a train that goes to Denver where my parents live. Thanks in advance.
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>been saving up for two years
>sink 20k into Tesla at 185 a few months ago
>stock at 250 now
>just made 7k in a few months doing nothing

It's my first stock investment, anyone else got any success stories?
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