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Moving house, worried cat might go nuts at the sudden change.

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> 4 Month-old Kitten
> Active as fuck, shoots around the room like a hamster on red bull and coffee, but hardly jumps
> Moving to rented home soon, nearer to school
> Lots of tall places with heavy statues and glassware in new room
> Most likely have to confine cat to that room and the bathroom, though he has not shown dislike or discontent with lack of space of yet.

I'm worried he'll one day push off a heavy statue and let it come crashing down hurting someone. That, and how mine and his living space will soon be one room one toilet.
Landlord allows cat to be in the house, but only in my room. If he leaves my room he's fukt.


Tl;dr What do if
> Cat will soon move to new area that is not only the size of one room and a toilet
> But room has heavy and dangerous stuff high up
> If cat leaves the room, landowner will beat his ass
> Room + Toilet is rather large, cat so far has not shown discontent with smaller spaces but
>What do?
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/aq/ - Aquarium General

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Catfish edition.
What's your favorite cat?
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread.
Yesterday I was walking in my garden, a blackbird saw me,stopped eating and stared at me,frozen,for like five minutes. What the fuck? I wasn't even that close,usually they either don't care or fly away.
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Feathered dinos aren't scary, huh?
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This is the deadliest animal in the world
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Why is the North American prairie so shit tier compared to Great Plains in other parts of the world?
Also, what are some interesting animals in the prairie?
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Why are Dinosaurs so small?
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Hello /an/, a rabbit appeared outside my house the other day. Apparently it was released with a bunch of other rabbits when some dingus moved out of the neighborhood. Should I just call animal services to pick it up, or can I just take it in and care for it?
And if I do want to care for it, what's the necessary steps to looking after one?
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Name a better dog /an/

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Protip: You cant
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