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Watchmen thread

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Post Watchmen gifs/webms
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Sports thread

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previous thread >>588301
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Ned's GIF Thread

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Hi /wsg/ I'm looking for a specific gif. Does anyone have this #rekt gif where some guy with a poolstick gets mad, sticks said stick into floor and it breaks, and him hitting his temple against the table? Will await for sauce. In the meantime, general YLYL webm/gif thread.
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It be cute
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All Things Cute n' or Cuddly

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┏ ( ・ヮ・) ┛┗ ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ ┓
Anything and everything that is cute.
anime, animals, CG, women, plants, etc.
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Star Wars

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Star Wars gifs?
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Comic Thread #99

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#98 >>643102
#97 >>637578
#92 >>623572
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Japanese Live action Telivision audio Webms

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Whether it be Game Center CX or otherwise, go
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