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Vidya webm thread part 2

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>sound preferred

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Live Music

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post talented musicians, doing their thing, traditional stuff encouraged
made this 1 today
i mean look at the way this guy moves its next level
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Commercials thread.
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simpsons webm

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Smartphone Backgrounds

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This thread is simple. Post anything that would make a great animated smartphone background.
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nobody can get on my level of coding
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Vidya webm thread

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>sound preferred
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Nicki Manaj

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Anyone else want to start a Nicki Manaj thread? Bring in your Worksafe Nicki Manaj webms and gifs. I'll be making a few more.
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Even more /m/ shit
previous thread >>565397
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Webms or Gifs you don't know why you saved/ didn't get to use them.
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