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Xena Warrior Princess

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Xena webms/gifs

Hercules also welcome since it is the same universe
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Dodger Leigh #100

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Any WW2 webms?
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Comic Thread #100

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the official
[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/
here is where you can post more of your boring webms with sound!!

current /dbt/ thread on /o/: >>>/o/12665885

previous thread: >>597106

p.s. no cyclists allowed- all bikes posted must have a motor. only exception is motoped anon.
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Reaction Gifs

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Let's get a general Reaction Gif thread going.
I'll start with some homebrew and start dumping my stash when that runs out.
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Request Thread

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Request webms/gifs to be made.
Old thread hit the bump limit >>622927

>1. Provide Source
Provide easy access to the source material (eg YouTube URL or uploaded webm). The less superfluous material and the better the quality, the easier it is to work with.
>2. Describe Cuts
Provide timecodes for beginning and end and include a short verbal description (because 1 second of footage is ~30 frames).
>3. Specify Format
webm with sound / webm without sound / gif
>4. Target File Size
Default: 3 MB for webm without sound, 4 MB for webm with sound.
>5. Anything else?
Captions, text overlay, slow motion or speed up (specify by how much), etc.
>6. ????
Now you wait. Don't be impatient.
>7. PROFIT!!!
If you like the result, be nice and thank your benefactor.

Request template (optional):
>1. Provide Source

>2. Describe Cuts

>3. Specify Format

>4. Target File Size

>5. Anything else?
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random thread
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Vintage Television

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News, commercials, sportscasts, historical events, soap operas, anything.
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