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Milana General

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Can we get a milana thread going
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Anime Thread 139.0

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WebM for Retards
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Post your favorite GTA V gifs or webms
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I have a single question about webm making.
I'm trying to make some webms using dxtory, but it only records in .avi, which doesnt work with webms I guess.
Should I find a .avi converter, and if I do, which do I use, and webm convertible filetype should I use?
Or should I just use that x264 encoder or whatever I heard about that records in .mp4?
Sound not required.
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Can we get an Alison Brie thread going PLEASE
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Immortal laughs

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Things that no matter how many times you em, they're still good.
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60FPS webm thread

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Only the finest 60FPS webms can get into this thread. None of your filthy 30fps ones!
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Random Music

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Be it an anime OP, ED, a Mashup or a remix from youtube, anything.

Image quality doesn't matter, we're here for the music.
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Rick and Morty

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Childhood thread

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Childhood thread
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