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oc akbar

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>got tired of seeing the same fucking akbar webms
>made more
>I am a giving lord
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Tell me...

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Only CT Gifs, no stormtroopers, jedi, sith or rebels, Only Clone Troopers
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Star Wars thread
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Anna Sloan and Eve Muirhead

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Finally found a 1080p source of the match. Going to make some webms to replace the low quality gifs.
The video is over 3 hours of high quality and my computer has hard times playing and skipping so it might take a while to find good parts but I'll see how much I can make.
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Comic Thread #98

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#97 >>637578
#96 >>633857
#92 >>623572
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Funny memes

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Am I doing it right?
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People doing some stupid masochism

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