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Seinfeld Thread

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Lets go
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Hey /wsg/
Can any of you guys help me find a gif? I've only seen it once and could never find it again. It's basically a creepy guy trying to look sexy and flirty blowing kisses to the camera with some stars and/or fireworks behind him. Rings any bell?
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Star Trek Deep Space 9

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I can tell you that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is much better than The Next Generation and worthy your time. It is a surprisingly mature, complex, ambitious, and exciting Star Trek endeavor
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Buffy (& Angel)

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share WebM 's / gifs ( or whatever you want ) Funny
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Post your favorite games
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Game of Thrones

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All things French

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Gotta get Frenchy up in this place
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Video Game General .gifs

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So facebook let's you send gifs inmessages now. I'm a gamer and I wanted some awesome video game gifs. So post your favourite video game gifs!

Bonus points for Sonic and Devil May Cry (especially DmC. I love DmC. <3)

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