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The choking sound of silence edition.

Tibia is a top down fantasy MMORPG launched in 1997. /tbg/ plays on two game worlds covering the two continents the game has servers in, choose the server you have the best connection to and post your name and world in here for an invite to either the guild Yotsubas (on the European world Secura) or Sengoku (on the North American world Fidera). Things get a bit slow during Summer but we'll be back inside huddled around the warmth of our GPUs when Winter comes.

>Play Tibia:
>Information (FAQ, guides & links):
>Upcoming game events:
Flower Month (June):
Hot Cuisine (August):
Summer update: Summer'ish. Teasers have already started.
>Latest patches and shop items:
Various small changes (May 7th):
Walpurgis Night mount (shadow cat) & Evoker outfit (bat mage):

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