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When to buy vs when to emulate.

How do you decide?
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A Text Based Games Thread, post the best, your favourites and anything else relating to text games.
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What is/was the worst retro video game company? The modern EA or Activision of the past? Did such a thing even exist then?

I vote Atari (or what Infogrames are calling themselves now) for not allowing Blood's source code to be released, not creating an easy port themselves to sell on Steam a la Shadow Warrior Redux and not even doing anything with the IP all these years while shooting down offers from developers that would like to do something with it.
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describe your favorite franchise making it sound as crappy as you can
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What's the most amount of lines you can get in Tetris, anons? Be sure to include the version, since they all play a little different.

I'm working on improving mine right now, I can get on average 130 in the NES version of Tetris, compared to about 80-90 when I was a wee bab.
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Favorite JRPG?

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>pic related
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Component cables

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These were released recently for anyone who backed the project. Is anyone expected a set in the mail?
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Hey /vr/ I have started to play Castlevania: Symphony of the Night again. Can we please talk about how it is indisputably the best Castlevania that will ever walk this earth. Yes, okay the dialogue can be cheesy from time to time but it's what's in the game that counts. I would have to say this game is definitely my number 1 PlayStation Classic game. And come on you can't tell me that the armor Alucard wears isn't god damn bad ass.
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Ok /vr/, I need your help.

I have been trying to find a download of this game EVERYWHERE, without any success. I googled like a motherfucker and still couldn't find it. I can find the first game easily, but no luck on the second one.

Does anyone here happen to have a download link they could share, or a CD they could rip and post the ISO for? I would seriously appreciate it, and I'm certain I'm not the only one who would benefit from this.

Thanks in advance.
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