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Just received this in an ebay lot. It feels kinda heavy...
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Hardcoregaming 101

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ITT: we post our favorite HCG101 articles.
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Jacquio is the antagonist of Ninja Gaiden, one of the first games to have a bunch of cutscenes, as well as one of the most difficult games for its time.

Everything is in order that Jacquio should be an ICON of video games.

And yet he is as obscure as they get.

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When will the PlayStation 1 become collectible? I'm talking about in the 3 digits units, also how about some playstation games, like Crash Bandicoot and the other one with the barney dragon
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What failed?
What didn't?
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Toilets in retro games.
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Chaos Seed SFC

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I started playing Chaos Seed fantranslation and just wanted to see the general gameplay by finishing the tutorial. Before I know I have been playing for 3 hours and finished the first scenario. Actually I don't know if anyone knows, but I got to see the credits and a "The End" after the first scenario. Did I fuck up and got a bad end or is that normal? All I will say is that I fought some kind of boss and it just seemed like one of those you have to lose fights.

Anyway Chaos Seed/Weird Translated Japanese games discussion.
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Hey, does anyone here know anything about hacking and translating arcade games?

Specifically pic related. It's a really fun game I just wish it was in english with more appropriate questions for a western audience.
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best zelda game
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/rsg/ - Retro Shmups General

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This thread is for all things related to traditional and bullet hell 2D scrolling shooter games.

What are...
>your favorite shooters
>your recent procurements
>your newest accomplishments

Play Twinkle Star Sprites against others:

New to shooters? Check out this helpful page:

Stream list for watching people play shooters:
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