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/rotk/ - /koei/ thread

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Can we get a Romance of the Three Kingdoms / Koei grand-strategy thread going?

I'm playing the NES version of the first installment and would greatly appreciate any tips or strategies. I have read the instruction manual, but, being new to the genre as a whole, I still find the number of adjustable factors daunting with respect to their respective scales and importance. (For example, when starting off, should I work on Development, Training, Recruitment, or what? how much gold to allocate to a development order? 5? 15? 50? 500? and which General to lead it? does it matter?).

Also, I'd like to reorganize my forces. My master's army is 200 (I think that's in units of 100 men apiece), while each general's is 5–20. What's a good organizational scheme?
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>Waifu tier: Rydia, Terra, Garnet
>Fuckable Bimbo tier: Celes, Tifa, Beatrix
>Fuckable Tomboy tier: Faris, Yuffie, Miss Cloud
>OK tier: Lenna, Aeris
>Unremarkable tier: Maria, Rosa, the ladies of FFVIII
>I Won't Judge You tier: Porom, Relm, Mog, Eiko, Freya
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Any love for this old thing?
Got the gog version a week ago and have been playing it off and on.
Got to the first secret level today.

This was the first game I ever played, and I'm elated to see that it's still just as fun today.
I never got past the fourth level as a kid because the monster closets and green lifters scared the shit outta me.

Now that I'm replaying it in earnest, I'm rather impressed with level design and bot intelligence.
So many times I've been surprised by a bot I've yelled outloud.

So, Descent discussion.
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Finally broke down and ordered this from redspotgames. Anyone with first hand experience? I'm hoping for R▪Type on steroids.
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LSD dream emulator

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Have a lovely sweet dream
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What video games would you recommend to a person who grew up in the 3D era and missed the pre 4th gen/90s completely?
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Is the 3DS version of Thunder Blade any good? I've never played the original before.
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What is this lot worth? I'm paying $75. Looks like some CIB under the others.

Estimate the value for me?
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Learn a Language with ROMS

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It's pretty impressive when you speak to foreigners that have had little to no direct training in English but can speak it nearly perfectly. They usually credit TV and Video Games as an alternate way to learn the language. It seems way the fuck more entertaining than Roseanne Rock

I'm about a 7/10 in French nowadays (I'm an anglo in a french city) and like to learn vocab playing retro & text heavy games. However, it's nearly impossible to find French or other language ROMS for games other than the enormously popular titles like Pokemon or Final Fantasy (pic related). Does any euroanon have particular websites that they like that organize ROMS by language?
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>This game is outdated
>This hasn't aged well
>Gaming has passed it by

How do you respond to these buzzwords?