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Nonsense retcons

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Why the hell did they make Birdie black? Who the hell ever heard of a black Brittish street punk? It doesn't even fit with Capcom stereotyping characters. Did they seriously make him black because clearly only blacks commit petty crime?
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I think we all can agree that Ken > Ryu.
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Great game music thread, genesis gritty edition
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/rhg/ - ROM Hacking General #3

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Here's some points of discussion:

1.) Project showoffs
2.) Hacking help
3.) ROM hack recommendations

Our ROM hack recommendation list can be found below:

Every hack featured on the list above can be downloaded at:'s_ROM_Hack_Recommendations
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70's to Early 90's Computer Gaming General

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Previous thread: >>2234019

Welcome to the 70s to early 90s Computer Gaming General. We talk about games and the hardware they were made for , either micro, mini or mainframe computers, desktop, tower or all in Keyboard package, from the USA, Europe, Japan, or anywhere, if the platform came out before 1995.
Don't hesitate to share tips, your past (or present) experiences, your new machines, your already existing collection, emulation & hardware advises, as well as shots, ads & flyers, videos, interviews, musics, photos, that kind of stuff.

Allowed : Computers made from the 70s to 95 (95 not included) and their games (of course), peripherals for these computers from any time period (MIDI expanders included)
Tolerated : Unkown, unsupported or not really popular post-95 stuff (BeOS, old Linux, stuff like this)
Not Allowed : Late 90s games and computers, Pentium PCs or more, PPC Macs and more, Windows 95 and later

IRC Channel : #/g/retro @
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What's the sickest synth bass you've ever heard from retro tech and why is it the Tales of Phantasia OST?
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How Would You Fix Final Fantasy VIII?

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Final Fantasy VIII is such a weird game to me. It's like every aspect of it is either really good, or really bad.

>Awesome graphics (for PSX)
>Terrible RPG mechanics
>Amazing soundtrack
>Bad storyline
>Fantastic futuristic European setting
>Weak main cast (for the most part)
>Excellent card minigame

How would you fix Final Fantasy VIII if you were in charge of some kind of redux or director's cut? I think the whole junctioning system would definitely need to be revamped. It's funny how the base game is either way too easy or way too hard depending on whether you actually understand the stat system.
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Baldur's Gate & other Infinity Engine games

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A thread for discussing the Baldur's Gate series and any other IE games you want to talk about.

Complaining about Enhanced Editions, why Saerileth is the purest waifu in the Realms, party discussion, modding, etc.

Glorious scenery-chewing David Warner edition
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What the fuck was this guy's problem?
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