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Hi, /vr/
I'd like to begin to play truly oldschool RPG from first to last installment.

And here is my question:
Might and Magic, Wizardry or Ultima and why?
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Any sweet pics of some of your collection?

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Like, 40% of mine, but I'm new and don't buy retail.
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Is the concept of games aging well or not aging well legitimate? Do games actually get better or worse over time?
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Non-English/US Games

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Let's have a thread about the best games that never made it to the US in their original form. Try to post images and describe what makes them great.

Seiken Densetsu 3 for the SNES is my choice. It's actually Secret of Mana 3 and hard as fuck. You choose 3 out of 6 possible characters which alters the story depending on who you choose. Better magic, better gameplay. SOM x10. Totally worth playing.
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Mad Max/Dystopian survival Retro?
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/gccxg/ - Shinya Arino in Miracle World

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~Everything I Know About Game Center CX I Learned From The Link Below~

-Recent Fansubs-

[SAGCCX] Alex Kidd in Miracle World (SMS/Sega Mark III):

[SAGCCX] Super Mario 30th Anniversary Special Stage - Game Center CX in Nico Nico Chokaigi 2015:

[SAGCCX] Saint Seiya: Golden Legend (NES/Famicom):

[SAGCCX] Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll (NES/Famicom):

-Recent Raws-

Double Dragon (NES/Famicom):!edsTGBAR!nung7uORjXWlcQybFr34QQAqeE4GYJmXyrbskcTlwSA

All Japan Pro Wrestling (SNES/Super Famicom):!aBUXnaIb!z9SBj4cAmqCRX5CxYrSqdLNDCpDbbyx8aacpXDnSIOE

Quiz - Seven Color Dreams: Miracle of Rainbow Color Village (PS1):!eZ0QHbiR!V2E65_eB31CbXoPRfTtQf8WfSNrMjdxRZGabdiBFQnk
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Why does everyone keep saying that FF7 needs to get remade? A fan has already gone and upgraded the game giving it high quality HD graphics.
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Why is Fallout better as a tbs then a fps?

Also /fallout/ thread.
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anyone gonna buy it
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