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Getting into Retro...

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So my question is, where is the best place to buy retro games without paying a ridiculous amount? I know flea markets are always an option, but there aren't many where I live.

Suggestions? Where do you usually get yours? Strategies?
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So I've been on a JRPG kick because I never finished many of them. I just played through FFVI, FFVII and Chrono Trigger. So, /vp/ what's next? Assume that if it doesn't have Pokemon or Mario in the title I haven't played it.
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The legend of zelda 3 "nes"

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I found this
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ITT:We pretend it's 1995.
Hey guys Nintendo is going to be releasing a new console next year, it's called the nintendo 64! It's gonna have sweet new cutting edge 3D graphics! my dad works at nintendo and he told me about this.
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Lost Nostalgia

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Lately I've been on a journey to hunt down and re-play all the great games of my childhood. This has not been an easy task considering a lot on my list is not the most popular or were played in various arcades. I could describe from memory some of these games very well but that's not enough for information for Google. Recently I was re-united with Cyber Troopers Virtual-On (Sega Saturn) and Super Smash TV (Sega Genesis)
ITT:Help finding those old lost games we can describe but cant remember the names of.
Also: Games that made you shit your pants with awesome. your personal hidden gems.
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How should I play the Ultimas?
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Cute em up thread?
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Yes! Another Wario thread

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Games you always thought were good but after playing them again you realize they are even better than you first thought.

>all those levels
>all those secret levels
>multiple different endings
>steal the syrup's treasure
>based WARIO

10/10 gbc game right here
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Let's have a a thread about the golden age of Mario Party aka 1,2 and 3.

Favorite board?

Favorite game?

Favorite board music?
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I’m trying to remember this arcade ticket game from when I was a kid.

There was a plastic little dragon monster thing that moved left and right at the end of the board, and you pushed these red balls forward to hit it in its belly button, which had an X on it like Petey Piranha’s. I think its eyes were lights and became Xs too when you hit it.
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