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Castlevania SotN is overrated

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Why does everybody love Castlevania SotN so much? Sure it was a good game, but every metroidvania that came after did it better, it did not age well, it was too easy and repetitive, an inverted castle does not count as new content. It was not a bad game, it was justed bested by its successors.
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What is a fairly mild DOS point and click adventure game that you would recommend? Not like corny adventure or horror but more like fantasy or crime based. I would like to play something like Myst but I only have limited internet
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Ahoy /vr/,

I just got my gc controller to usb pc adapter today! I can play n64 vidya with a gcn controller anywhere i want from my laptop now!

I'm looking for some hidden gems on the 64, more importantly, gems that were not released in the US. I cannot read japanese fluently, however i hear of english patches?

I grew up with N64, and had a lot of good titles, the thing is.. they were all US versions.
I just played Mario Kart 64 on the JP version, and toad's voice actually sounds right. (like in pario party 1, 2, 3)

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Why do Dreamcucks love this piece of shit even though it only lived for 2 years and the controller was terrible?
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Box art that effectively makes you NOT want to play the game.
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anyone know the name of the game that shows up in this video?

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Breath of Fire

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Just replayed BoF2, nearly 100% completion, best ending, and thought maybe this OC needed to exist.

Anyone else love BoF? Or perhaps you just want to dump your Katt/Rinpoo folder?
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Super Mario Bros. 2 US is a much better and much more important game than Super Mario Bros. 2 JP/Lost Levels ever was.
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Check out nearly any given game on pricecharting and their graphs will pretty much look like this. What is it about 2013 that made the retro market just absolutely explode?
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I feel like I'm always seeing threads on /vr/ about people emulating games. How many of you are like me and prefer playing on the legit console? Something about emulating never sat right to me.
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