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Is Pokemon as a franchise overrated?

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I want to ask you /vr/ since /vp/ has a bias.
Sure it was the first of it's kind, but the other monster games of the time seemed to have better execution overall. For compare dragon warrior monsters to pokemon r/b or dokapon for that matter.

As the years progressed they seemed to stop putting as much effort into their games as other franchises; g/s/c had interesting new mechanics don't get me wrong but once r/s/e it was apparent that they weren't upping the anti.

I mean look at that game in comparison to every other GBA game, it doesn't stack up, even look at mystery dungeon, a game handled by a different studio than game freak. The quality is much higher than that of pokemon games of that gen.

What are your sentiments on this? How does nintendo allow this when they stress quality?
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I've been watching playthroughs of arcade games lately. I've been wondering:Are there any online videos that go into and maybe that demonstrate how arcade video games cheat? All I've found so far is vids about the non-vidya stuff at arcades.
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What is your favorite shader?
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Holy fucking shit! This game is awesome!
Also, SHUMP thread.
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I just stumbled across this shit on youtube and decided to give it a watch even though it has typical jewtube eceleb cancer written all over it.

Thoughts? It's nice that they tried to understand, there is a progression. They all complained it was hard, the nignog couple shat all over it because they sucked too bad.

For me, yes older games are archaic in some ways, but there is a simple, pure joy to mastering them over time. They're simple to learn, hard as fuck to master, but the process mastering them is great.

Some of them didn't understand and dismissed the game, but some of them said it was addicting, the feeling of getting better each playthrough was great, the challenge and defeat made them want to do better.

What are your thoughts /vr/? Can the current generation understand and enjoy /vr/? How much so?

also this is /vr/ because it's discussion of the current generation's ability to enjoy retro games
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I like to see what is selling around other parts of the country/world. Go onto your local Craigslist and bring back something retro.
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Retro Emulation on OG Xbox

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So I recently found an old Xbox in my rack of "things to work on" componants at home and remembered a ong forgotten project to turn it into an arcade cabinet.

I've looked up a few guides on how to load the custom OS onto the Xbox and all of them include some workarounds to install the OS, either using a bugged game or hot swapping the IDE drive.

As a good /vr/trooper, I have a computer with the old ATA standard, but... why has no one just upped an image of the softmodded hdd for us to clone over?

Side note: is coinops still the go-to for retro Xbox emulators?

Also applogies if this is not the correct board since I'm techincally asking about the OG Xbox, but it's for retro gaming so I figured this would be more appropriate than the other board
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>Oh yeah there will be probably a ZSNES 1.52? release coming in the following days, with some stuff we had unfinished in SVN and some security fixes. Don't expect anything major different from 1.51 and this is not reflective of what is in development.
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/bst/ buy sell trade

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Didn't see one in the catalog, so here it is

Looking for a Sega Master System, a Dreamcast, Gameboy Micro, and a Gameboy Advance SP AGS-101

I'll be lurking in the thread. happy /bst/ing, everyone
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I'm working hard to play some retro games and upload them to youtube.

What games you guys want to see me play? I have 400 ROMS for the GBC on my computer