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>clear all the ET vermin from the inside of their ship
>you previously shot a couple of their friends loitering around a barn and Farmer Zeb's turnip patch
>mission still isn't over
>there's still one last sonofabitch hiding somewhere
>have a pretty good idea about just where he is
>send rookie cannon fodder into barn
>head upstairs
>plasma shots ring out
>rookie is kill
>well now how am I gonna get this guy? He's on the top floor of the barn, he won't come out, and he's going to blast anyone I send up there
>*snaps fingers* yeah, let's send out Rocket Launcher Boy
>fug, he's a weak little rookie who struggles to carry around that big, heavy rocket launcher
>take about 10 turns to get him into position
>fire a small rocket into the top floor of the barn and blow the wall out
>nope, still no sound of alien expiring
>wait another turn
>bastard still won't come out
>aight, fine
>load large rocket
>fire into the barn again
>alien death sound

(pic unrelated)
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Heroes of Might and Magic 1-3 thread.

Recently used a fix for homm2 and 64bit, but there's a problem.
Only Slugfest is selectable in the editor. (I can play other maps though)

Plays fine, but I'd like editor access.

Anyone have any ideas or know of a better 64bit fix?
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Retro Store Thread

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Tell me your experiences, /vr/. Tell me your fucking experiences.

>from Toronto
>local flea markets a shit
>working in downtown today
>have 3 hours of time to kill
>see a retro store called Last Gen Retro and A&C
>skip a&c and enter Last Gen
>they call themselves last gen retro yet have a massive inventory of indiestation/xbone games
>see their selection of retro
>lots of sports or shovelware shit
>see reproductions as well
>Secret of Mana 2 (one of my fav games) is $95.
>every other repro is 95
>literally kike central
>I pick up Dragon Warrior for nes (no price tag) since I want to start the dq series (already wrote a list down of which versions to get for each dq)
>bring it to the front entrance
>"How much for this?"
>"Whoa. Nice taste! That's a great RPG."
>he picks it up
>he examines it
>"Label's in pristine condition..."
>flips it around and stares at the back
>his eyes are wide open
>"Oh... This one's got the golden label! It's the rare version of the game."
>Immediately after I said "nevermind" and stormed out

Any second later that I stood in there I probably would have grabbed his fat fucking neck and drag him above the counter. I wanted to punch his stupid face. What a fucking prick. Every save enabled game has golden labels on the back. Remind me to never go there again because I might seriously beat the shit out of that obese idiot.
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Why is this game such a holy grail of the 8-bit era? Besides oldfag nostalgia, it's not very fun.
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Fallout 1&2

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Let's have a nice FO 1&2 thread, shall we?
With Fallout 4 coming I've decided to play Fallout 1 and 2 again, but I end up doing the same build I did for the first time and playing in the same way.
What are the most fun builds and ways to play it?
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Choose your character: The Thread

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Pick a character /vr/. Hurry up, let's play.

Post character select screens
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Neat retro hacks to let your friends know you are a gamer tee hee
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>tfw backlog of games

How do you all conquer the backlog?
What is on your backlog?
Gaming bucket list?

Right now I got caught up trying to actually overcome MGS controls and hour long cut scenes as well as beat the first 10 megamans while also balancing out splatoon.

I'm overwhelmed. What sucks is because I literally work 5 min a week, if not 2 weeks and make a comfy living so I have a lot of time.
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Do you think that 10 or 20 years from now 5th generation consoles will be viewed the same as 2nd gen? Too simple and ugly. I think some people already view 5th gen graphics as too ugly.

Don't get me wrong. I like the 2600. I was born well after the 2600 and still think the games on it are fun. Some neat stuff on there. However, there's a pretty widespread opinion of it being too simple to play in modern times. Almost forgotten except for the occasional eceleb mentioning some shitty game on it.
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