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Mojo put out a "top 10 games that have aged badly". So you don't have to watch:

>10 Mortal Kombat

>9 Metroid

>8 Silent Hill

>7 Star Fox

>6 Virtua Fighter


>4 Tomb Raider

>3 Resident Evil


Honorable mention:
>Crash Bandicoot

>1 Goldeneye

What are your thoughts? Not linking to the video, since it's just clickbait, but these views are pretty mainstream. The vid itself has 1 million views. You can think of it as "this is what the current generation really thinks".
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Please identify these games and estimate the value of this lot for me
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Was it possible in this world we live in for the genesis to actually produce music like this?
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Retron 5

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Anyone have any experience with one of these machines? I'm looking to get into retro gaming and collecting as a hobby and thought this would be an easier way to play.

I've heard mixed things, but I'd like to hear from anyone here who might own one.
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>announced for the Saturn
>moved to the Dreamcast
>Shenmue is released on the Dreamcast worldwide
>Shenmue II only in Europe
>Shenmue II is re-released on the XBOX
>but not Shenmue I
>Shenmue Online is announced but later dropped
>What's Shenmue got a fan-translation
>it's shit
>Shenmue II ends in a cliffhanger
>sequel will never happen

This series is a nightmare.
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>tfw retro gaming collecting has sky rocketed in prices.
>local vintage gaming store has a brand new copy of Brave Fencer Musashi for $139.99
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>you will never again have a sense of complete satisfaction from just playing a good game
Life is so fucking cruel
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>1993 TV Guide Parents Guide to Children Entertainment
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