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I'm playing this for the first time and frankly I can't get over the godawful controls. I can deal with tank controls when I'm Tomb Raiding or destroying the Resident Evil but when it comes to trying to line up stealth kills I'm getting pretty frustrated.

Any suggestions besides git gud which I'm currently trying to do?
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ITT:Pain that only older gamers have known

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Sega saturn collecting

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Hows that saturn collection going anon?
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Let's Write an SNES Game

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In this thread we come together to build a small SNES game from the bottom up. Feel free to provide ideas, artwork, or programming.

I will lead the thread and provide technical explanations and programming, so don't worry if you know nothing about coding, computers, or SNES hardware because this thread is for exploring what makes games run. Everyone can contribute something.

To keep things simple and accessible to everyone, there will likely be no sound, but this isn't an absolute. Also we should consider a non-scrolling type game (think Asteroids, Frogger, Pac-man etc, as opposed to Super Mario Bros. et al).

To start things rolling, suggest some game ideas. Be creative and have fun!
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Posted on /b/ yesterday and they directed me here. Got this at a garage sale yesterday for 10 quid. Came with pokemon silver and pokemon TCG. Just wanting to add a few more. What are some of the best games I can get for it?
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Getting this game to run is a nightmare. I have a 3dfx glide wrapper so the intended effects are displayed but I randomly get general protection faults which crash the game. Anyone know how to get this running on a modern computer? compatibility mode doesn't help.
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/jpc/ #5 — Even AM2 used these machines

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Japanese Computer Gaming General: Maymester Edition

Thread anthem:


>Links to vendors, emulators, game info, fansites, &c. You're open to share it.


>ROM sites w/games, tools, OS packs, &c.:

>Project EGG's for legal downloads (takes PayPal, subscription service). Collecting Japanese PC goods? Suruga-ya's useful for mail order. Try bidding on Yahoo! Japan, too; use a middleman service like From Japan for shipping:

>/vr/ Anon's PC-98 dump:!F59WkSqQ!quGKSFIswBgv0rxAAaF8Pg


>lllusion City blog has primers on emulating the PC-88, PC-6001, and FM Towns platforms:

>Guides to Neko Project II & making bootable HDI files for PC-98:

>MS-DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.1 work for the PC-98; consider Ko-Window or SX-Window for the X68k (FM Towns has proprietary OS). The 8-bit machines run MS-DOS, CP/M, and Hudson/N88 BASIC.


Jungle Park (Windows, Buffalo Daughter/Delaware):
Nostalgia 1907 (X68k, Marikawa):
Ashe (PC-88, Quasar Soft):
Youma Kourin (MSX, Falcon):
Elm Knight (FM Towns, Nitta/Fukuda):
Libros de Chilam Balam (PC-98, Sawashita):
Bunch of X1 Sorcerian packs w/net players:


>For NEC/X68k patches:
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Start up Sounds

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Due to the recent reboot announcement, this has piqued my interest in MoO, which I've never played either game. How are they? Why the MoO vs MoO 2 debate? Why do I hear MoO 3 was bad?

Source for reboot
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sup /vr/
this screenshot reminded me of a very old game, probably on the MSX system. I remember it being heavily influenced by Egypt, i think you'd have to dig pyramids and find your way out. and for some reason the main menu music is still stuck with me to this day.

anyone know the name?
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