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Who would win in a fight, every Pokémon or 10,000 lions? Which side would Pyroar fight on?
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Pokemon ROMhacks

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So, I've recently decided that I'm going to be playing some pokemon romhacks, and I'd like to know which ones /vp/ likes the most. I've already downloaded Zeta/Omicron and Light Platinum, but what else do you guys suggest?

Also: are there any with a Battle Frontier?
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In Ubers:
>Reshiram is D rank
>Deoxys-N is D rank
>Genesect is probably D rank
>If a pokemon is sucking so much in its own rank it should probably be demoted

If smogon manages to make these pokemon suspect for unbanning it would be the greatest moment that they ever did. Kyurem-B's unban was an interesting addition to OU; adding Deoxys-N and Reshiram might change the metagame in ways you might not expect.

pic unrelated; 106/110/90/154/90/130
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Why is this thing such a beast ?!
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ITT ridiculous shit on par with the fact Rayquaza can learn rain dance and Shedinja can learn final gambit
>Gamefreak gives a pokemon aerilate
>pokemon is a normal type with no flying subtype
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What the fuck is Nintendo thinking?
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Sprites and how they kinda sucked after gen 2

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Good sprite art began with Pokemon Yellow, and ended with the bland coloring and "posing" of gen 3. Discuss
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Where were you when Pokemon finally got BTFO?
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Pokémon X and Y 2 early leak

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The official Pokémon X and Y 2 promotional poster has been leaked! The poster states that the upcoming game will be released sometime in May 2016. We should expect an announcement trailer at E3 next week.
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>Step 1: Open MS Paint
>Step 2: With your eyes close, draw a squiggly line
>Step 3: Once you're done with that try to make a fakemon out of it
>Step 4: Now for the name. Mash your hand on the keyboard with your eyes closed
>Step 5: Add is some vowels and badabing bada boom. You're fakemon has been created

Post results

Also, based on the picture try to think of an appropriate type

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