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Kung Lao's face when edition

Previous Thread:

NEW PLAYERS here is a notation guide for kombos:

Here's the pastebin with all the comics and links to videos:

List of known fatality, brutality, stage brutality and faction kills:

List of all Krypt locations and prerequisites for getting all items, unlockables and costumes:

Players interested in playing a tournament read this pastebin then post on the thread:

Recent news:
>Tanya Premier tower is ingame
>New patch is out, Kenshis revel in your new glory :
>Tanya and Klassic skins are out for Kombat Pack bros
>Last gen version delayed again until this Fall
>PC version is still shit
>Mobile game can be used to unlock Ninja Mime Johnny, Farmer Jax, Injustice Scorpion and MK2 Kitana and Mileena in the main game
>XrayAnon posted a bunch of character mixed x-rays over at