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BGO Board Game Online thread

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Finish line: 1000
Action timer to 20 seconds: Hurry the fuck up and AFKers get no mercy and will be kicked
Double classes all the time - triple classes during party mode

All classes unbanned right now, including enchanter due to more legendary items being added to balance things out.

Once per game we get to pick what we want the game to be about, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, or Game of Thrones. All of these shows suck, I don't care which you pick, but GoT is the worst event byfar.

AT - Gives you a crystal every 4 turns to go to an event, lets you dungeon crawl and interact with many NPCs for good items. Pick this if you want items and a fairly common event. Gives unique items.
DW - Gives you a multipurpose sonic screwdriver tool that works every 9 turns to travel back or forth in time, also solve a puzzle with the doctor. Good for going to unique places. Gives unique items.
GoT - Pick 1 of 4 houses. Does not include dungeons or unique items of any kind. Gives very minor buffs depending on which house you pick and a coin that lets you return once every 10 turns, less fun than other events.

Party mode status: ON

Starting game: