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>Here is a most audio-sonic feeling. While at the club last night, the music was loud, maybe reverberating or echoing. The music and beats literally shook up my rack! I actually Felt the music playing and reverbing within my breasts, almost like my breasts had become a pair of speakers. It Felt Amazing and Arousing!
Has anyone else felt that in y'all's lifetime before? Also, science: explain it, please.
I would soo pick up a large pair of headphones and place them onto my hooters to feel it over and over again! Damn!
Vinyl, hit dat bass!
What the fuck Chris.
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Where is the best place to get Vita memory cards? Does such a place even exist? I recently bought a PSTV and I really don't want to have to spend more on a memory card than I did for the system.

Also, fuck this proprietary memory bullshit. That's one of the main reasons the Vita failed. Fucking Sony.
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what if splatoon is secretly the prequel to super mario sunshine
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Been playing Ys 1 and I'm enjoying it. So lets talk about it. And maybe other Falcom games that are out/coming soon.
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Why are handheld consoles seen as unacceptable to play in public when mobile phone games are absolutely fine?
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Any good walking simulators with pretty scenery

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Sometime I play pic related and wish it was about exploring and not shooting people
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What is the hardest vidya puzzle ever?
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What went wrong?
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What games out there feature actual good female characters?

Pic not really related.
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